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News letter

Monthly Newsletter | December 2019 | Volume 08

Dear readers,


I gladly present before you the December edition of the School Serv newsletter.


The news stories included in this edition of the newsletter include the findings of the world agencies regarding standing of the country in the field of education, and several announcements made by the educational boards and national and state governments.


The UNICEF has reported some figures concerning 21st century skill holders in the country and certain projections for the year 2030. The M.P. government, in a bid to improve the educational standard in the state board government schools. Other developments that are included pertain to the hike of CBSE board exam fee and rationale thereof, curbing of unaffiliated schools in Karnataka, issuance of handbooks for teachers and, finally, an announcement regarding fit India ranking system for schools for raising the physical standard of children in schools.


With a hope that the news articles will be helpful for reference to school promoters, I urge you all to keep sending your comments and suggestions to us.


Happy Schooling !

Vinod Kakumanu

UNICEF foresees and warns of skill deficit in half of Indian students for 21st century jobs

While the development of 21st century skills in the students is being globally recognized as a benchmark of quality education, a recent report by UNICEF comes as a startling disappointment for educators and policymakers alike. It has been reported by the international agency that the Indian students are found substantially lacking in the 21st century skill acquisition, based on which a projecti...

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Karnataka Government announces a month-long drive to check unaffiliated schools in the state

Bangalore: Karnataka education department has announced a month-long drive against all schools that are running without affiliation. The announcement came in the wake of the arrest of the secretary...

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Failing two qualification exams would mean retirement for M.P. school teachers

The School Education Minister of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Prabhuram Chaudhary, made an announcement to the effect that the teachers who have not succeeded even after taking two qualification exams will be forced to retire.

The teachers of some poor performing schools were reported to have repeatedly failed in the qualifying exams and were still serving.

It was stated by the minister that “After failing to crack the first test, these teachers...

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CBSE Fee Hike announced to meet the 200 cr. CBSE board examination budget deficit

The CBSE has announced a hike in the examination fee for Class X and XII board exams 2020. The order does not apply to the schools of the Delhi government. The fee hike is said to follow a no profi...

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Handbooks for teachers and students released by CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has notified the schools vis-a vis the release of handbooks for students and teachers. The handbooks will prove as the repository...

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PM announces the Launch of Fit India Grading System for Schools

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Fit India School grading system in schools across the country.

The Fit India School rankings grade the school according to the merit in three categories, the first being the Fit India Schools then the Fit India School (3 star) and f...

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