Holistic Progress Card by NCERT Revolutionises Student Assessment

The National Council for Educational and Research Training (NCERT) is rolling out a groundbreaking initiative termed the 'Holistic Progress Card' (HPC), marking a transformative shift in student evaluation methodologies. Developed by the Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development (PARAKH) under NCERT's purview, the HPC is designed to assess students' overall progress across the foundational, preparatory, and middle stages of education, aligning with the tenets of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. At the core of the HPC is its emphasis on descriptive and analytical evaluations, transcending traditional numerical grades to focus on holistic development and competency-based assessment.


Unlike conventional assessment methods reliant on marks or grades, the HPC adopts a 360-degree evaluation approach, incorporating feedback from various stakeholders, including parents, classmates, and the students themselves. By emphasising active participation in class activities, the HPC aims to provide a comprehensive snapshot of students' academic performance, cognitive abilities, socio-emotional skills, and creativity. Key features of the HPC include regular assessments through interactive class activities, enabling students to showcase diverse skills and competencies. Teachers play a pivotal role in identifying students' strengths and weaknesses, developing a learner-centric environment that encourages self-reflection and goal setting.

By promoting formative evaluation over summative assessment, the HPC underscores the importance of nurturing critical skills and fostering holistic growth among students. Furthermore, the HPC seeks to actively involve parents in the learning journey, integrating their insights and perspectives on various aspects of their child's education. Peer evaluation also plays a significant role, enabling students to assess their classmates' contributions to classroom activities. In essence, the introduction of the Holistic Progress Card represents a significant leap forward in student assessment methodologies, emphasizing holistic development and competency-based evaluation to empower learners and nurture their potential.


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