Handbooks for teachers and students released by CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has notified the schools vis-a vis the release of handbooks for students and teachers. The handbooks will prove as the repository of all information essential for teachers and students.

These handbooks were released by the Minister of Human Resource Development Ramesh Pokhriyal on November 1. Both the handbooks are available at CBSE websites.

The board has directed the schools to disseminate the information regarding the issuance of the handbooks to all teachers and students. The school management has also been directed, through the notification, to download the handbooks and hold discussions on them.

“Discussions/ activities on the Chapters of the Handbook for Students can be planned for students. Participation in these discussions/ activities can be credited for the Portfolio for internal assessment. For any query in this regard, you may write to cbseapp1920@gmail.com,” reads the official notification.

The handbook meant for students purportedly tries to answer all the possible queries regarding pedagogy, subject choices, examination, CBSE activities, procedures etc. The other subject that are expounded upon in the handbooks include academics, examination, personality enhancement activities, disaster management and cyber safety. Other queries regarding routine administrative procedures have also been covered, for instance, subject and date of birth change.

The handbook for teachers aims at imparting information about the learners, their career improvement and advancement. The desired conduct and attributes for teachers, as CBSE sees them, have also been discussed in the handbooks.

procedures, policies, roles, responsibilities, awards and resources related to their professional life.

“Beginning from basic information about appointment and qualification, this Handbook also contains a range of information, such as, teacher self-evaluation framework, details about the board examinations, subjects offered, use of technology, disaster management procedures to be followed, awards that teacher may apply for, and several other important and much-needed information about CBSE policies in the matters involving teachers. It is expected that this handbook will answer most of the queries pertaining to the professional lives of teachers with regard to their association with CBSE,” the notification said.

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Vinod Kakumanu

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