'Corona Studies Series' to be launched by the National Book Trust

Considering the post-Corona readership needs, the National Book Trust has decided to launch a series titled 'Corona Studies Series'. The series will document new readership needs.

The rationale behind the book series is based on the assessment that the Corona Pandemic will have extraordinary psychological, social, economic and cultural impact.

National Book Trust is the national publishing and book promotion body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The “Corona Studies Series” is for all age groups and is an important step at attunement of the readership with the changed scenario.

Prof Govind Prasad Sharma, Chairman, National Book Trust, India said , "In response to the national crisis of this proportion, we believe that as a national institution it is our duty to take initiatives within our domain area to provide support in the form of new reading materials,"

The “Corona Studies Series” is beingseen asa long-term initiative aimed at preparation and engagement of students with the socio-cultural and economic aspects of the post-Corona world. The books under this series will be published in all important Indian languages and will cover all subjects while remaining affordable.

Yuvraj Malik, Director, National Book Trust said,"we have been closely following the Corona-related developments and taking cues from the multi-dimensional initiatives of our parent Ministry of HRD's(Government of India) initiatives to meet the challenges of the Corona Pandemic. As a body for reading promotion, we find that we have a significant role to play,"

The National Book trust’s initiative called “#StayHomeIndiaWithBooks” is also getting popular. In this the popular and best-selling titles have been made available online in pdf formats for the readers.

The Trust has also set-up a Study Group constituted by psychologists and counsellors. The group has been set up to prepare books on the sub-series on 'Psycho-Social Impact of Corona Pandemic and the Ways to Cope'.

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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