Plea Against Salary Cuts of Private School Teachers Moved in Delhi High Court

A petition demanding the reversal of the salary cuts of Delhi’s private school teachers has been made in the Delhi High Court. The situation that arose in the wake of the pandemic saw deductions in the remunerations of teachers and other staff of several private schools of the national capital.

The petitioner in this case is a student of law, Mukul Sharma.

In his plea, Sharma pleaded that the action should be taken against the schools that have been named in the petition and interim relief should be provided to the aggrieved teachers and staff members of these schools. The petitioner also demanded the disbursement of the arrears that accrue due to the deductions.

The petitioner has also pleaded the court to direct the respondent schools for the renewal of the contracts of the teachers and to pay them in full. It has also been pleaded that the salaries of the teachers who are hired on a contractual basis should be paid in full.

The petitioner stated in his petition that the allowance of the petition will benefit the aggrieved parties as well as the staff of all other schools of the capital by restoring the rule of law and discouraging arbitrary measures.


Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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