NCF Working to Address ‘Fear of Mathematics’

The new National Curriculum Framework (NCF), which is being drafted according to the new National Education Policy (NEP), is seeking to integrate mathematics education with arts, language or sports, in an attempt to show the creative and aesthetic aspects of the subject. Admitting that there is a perception that Mathematics is more algorithmic and “robotic”, that students fear Mathematics, among other such prevalent social beliefs, the NCF will address these directly.

The NCF draft reads - "Prevalent social attitudes see girls as incapable of mathematics or association of formal computational abilities with the upper castes. Such social discriminations also cause fear and anxiety in students. We need to break these beliefs that exist in society.”

This is being done by re-looking at how the subject is taught and perceived in the society. The idea is to portray Mathematics concepts as a part of life, and also demonstrate creative and reasoning aspects. For example, arts and mathematics could be linked through origami, rangoli patterns, weaving, architecture, etc. From the sports field, measurements and mensuration could be linked to physical skills, and more easily taught and discussed.

The NCF has been revised in the past – in the years 1975, 1988, 2000 and 2005, and the new revision will be the fifth such event. Draft NCF is being prepared by the National Steering Committee, which is headed by the former ISRO-Chief, Mr Kasturirangan. The overall focus is on an interdisciplinary approach, which will allow students to expand their range beyond one particular domain of subjects, and learn to synthesize different perspectives.

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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