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School Leaders play the role of key intermediary between the classroom, the school and the education system at large. Effective school leadership is essential for the schooling system, Therefore, it is crucial for the school management to find the right candidates for the school leadership positions.


We work with CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB  schools across India and assist them in   recruiting suitable candidates for leadership positions, including Heads of Schools, Principals, Vice-Principals,  Admissions Managers, Operations Managers, Curriculum Managers, Academic Coordinators, Heads of the Departments, Senior Administrators and other leaderships positions.

School management

Our highly competent  team of recruitment experts uses  skills and  technology to ensure the best and the most efficient recruitment experience for our partner schools. Our efforts and achievement to get it right every time makes us stand out as a trusted partner for  delivering school leadership recruitment services across the country.

We are a nationally acclaimed recruitment platform that is trusted by more than 10,000 schools across the Indian subcontinent. With over 13 years of experience in providing exclusive service to the K-12 School Sector, we help schools in their recruitment process through robust Sourcing, Screening and Shortlisting.

Proactive search for potential hires through job-posting on various job-portal

Screening is done by intense scrutiny of resumes in the areas of relevance, qualification, experience, and skill-set.

Our in-house expert panel, after a one on one interaction with the candidate, determines whether the candidate is the right fit for the applied school leadership role.

Client Round & Selection
The candidate's first round of interview with the respective school management is set.

Onboarding the selected candidate

We take care of the complete end-to end recruitment cycle. right from posting the job and sourcing of candidates, to onboarding the selected leadership candidates. The entire process is closely monitored to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

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Our Work

In our decade long existence, we have successfully navigated through every major shift in the K-12 education scenario. We assisted clients from every region of India to establish landmark institutions, while digitally empowering lakhs of others in the K-12 school sector. Our partner schools approach education with a global outlook to accomplish the empowerment of the local communities.

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