CBSE Appeals Schools to Become 'Anger-free Zones' for Children to get inspired

In a bid to foster an environment for psychological wellbeing and character refinement in children, the CBSE has appealed to the affiliated schools to turn themselves into "anger-free zones". This implies turning down the temper, it applies to the teachers, parents and the administrative staff. This is an attempt to set positive example for children to emulate and cherish the value of “freedom from anger".

According to the board, this culture of minimized anger will turn the schools into more positive and nurturing places. The children will, as a result, become more emotionally healthy and go home charged and happy.

The board has issued an advisory concerning this to the schools. The move in the direction of "joyful education and holistic fitness". There are additional recommendations including minimizing attention to the cell-phones and breathing exercises.

A hashtag “cbseonanger” is being popularized by the board. It has to be used by the schools to broadcast their experiences on social media while they try to become anger-free zones.

In a communication sent to the CBSE schools, CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi said,"In the anger-free zone, everyone will try to manage his or her anger, whether it is the school educators, parents, school personnel or other stakeholders. The best way to teach children the value of 'freedom from anger' is by setting examples ourselves."

"Making our schools anger-free zones will help our students in developing effective skills and in eradicating emotions like fear, disrespect, humiliation and hurt, which are the by-products of anger," Tripathi said.

The schools have been advised to display a board which reads "This is an Anger-Free Zone" in the strategic locations around and inside the campuses.


Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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