School Real Estate

Points To consider Before Leasing An Operational School

The right to use of a property is as important as its ownership .... Read More

Need For Global Attitude In Teachers And Their Teaching Approaches

The contemporary world witnesses the presence of a global attitude where everyone and everything is interconnected. It is this interdependence that paves the way for the diffusion of cultures and valu... Read More

Unified Platform For Buyers And Sellers Of School Properties

Every moment of our life is lived for the future. And possession of real estate becomes the best way to secure our future in today's society. It is important to sell, buy and own properties to lead a ... Read More

All About Renting Out / Leasing Out A School Property

It is evident that real estate is one of the major sources of income and investment in India. But, is the real estate sector confined only to buying and selling properties? Definitely not. There are s... Read More

6 Points To Consider While Selling Or Buying An Operational School

Real estate gave way to the concept of buying lands or properties which are already operational. This trend is evident in the buying and selling of school properties. And hence, the potential buyers o... Read More

What to look for while buying an Operational School?

The school entrepreneurship in India is more dynamic than it seems. The policy shifts in the education domain sometimes exposes eduprenurs to unforeseen situations , in certain cases the school promot... Read More

Land and Infrastructure needed for CBSE affiliation

Land and infrastructural requirements for a school to attain CBSE affiliation varies with the location of the school, the land requirement for the primary school, secondary and senior secondary CBSE s... Read More

Buy Sell Rent School Property

SchoolProp is an exclusive online platform for listing school real estate requirements. Buyers and Sellers can locate properties, find matching school real estate and connect with each other.... Read More

Boost your real estate venture by starting a school

The real estate sector has a central role in planning and provisioning the necessary land, infrastructure for residential and commercial purposes. People face a host of challenges on their journey to ... Read More

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