Need For Global Attitude In Teachers And Their Teaching Approaches

The contemporary world witnesses the presence of a global attitude where everyone and everything is interconnected. It is this interdependence that paves the way for the diffusion of cultures and values that take society to greater heights. 

Teachers who have worldwide stances are termed global teachers. They have certain unique characteristics that make global learning possible and contribute to the development of a school and society at large. The major advantage of having global teachers and learners for a country is- they help build a community that is well aware of global issues and come forward to solve those with the best solutions. 

Global teachers usually have extensive knowledge of the subject matter they impart in the classroom. They motivate learners to take a participatory approach of dealing with global challenges. 

·    Global teachers encourage and support cross-cultural interaction in their learners. They make arrangements for their students to easily interact with other cultures and help them to correctly adopt the positive aspects of those cultures. 

·      Since global teachers have a global outlook, they are able to consider the impact of other cultures on indigenous culture, setting the right limit for the interaction and diffusion at the same time giving intended value to diverse cultures. 

·      Global teachers have in-depth knowledge of current affairs and global situations. This gives them eminence in the minds of learners and thus they can be the right influential factor or perfect role models for their students. 

·   Global teachers are excellent trainers who encourage social responsibility. By giving a thorough insight into various global issues and their whereabouts, teachers with a global attitude inspire learners to take action either directly or indirectly. That in turn aids in bringing out varied solutions.

·    Global teachers, through their global education, promote intercultural communication. This communication is very much needed for any community. In today's information societies, global teachers play a vital role in ensuring a smooth communication channel for diverse cultures and their productive infusion. 

Global Outlook on Teaching Approaches 

Assuming a global attitude in teaching techniques is highly advantageous to the process of learning. Global teachers and global learners together with technological improvements can do a lot to overcome obstacles. 

Since global teachers cover the entire spectrum of the globe, global teaching methods have their noteworthy benefits. They can be described as: 


  • Global learning promotes self-evaluation and self-criticism among learners who are  essential to successfully thrive in a highly competitive society. 
  • Global learning brings the quality of open-mindedness in learners and the right sense of global issues makes them open to happenings around the world as well as to embrace different cultures. 
  • Global learning helps to bring differentiation abilities in learners. They can clearly distinguish truth and bias which ultimately makes them responsible citizens. 

The aim of education is to mould students into better citizens. It should aim to make students perfect global citizens.Teachers are those who are assigned by society to play a prominent role in this process. 

Let global education be an important strategy to accomplish this vision and the devices to facilitate this be globally-driven teaching approaches.

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