School Setup

All about online schools

Online schools, also known as e-schools or virtual schools, are a type of educational system that encompasses any kind of learning through the internet and technology that acts as a complete substitut... Read More

Importance of Planning While Starting a New School

Education is one of the basic requirements for the growth and prosperity of any society. With the growth in population, the need for new schools is ever-growing and provides immense opportunities for ... Read More

Benefits of Flipped Classroom and Flipped Learning

In one of our previous articles, Flipped Classroom was mentioned as one of the important instructional strategies in today’s educational world. In the current article, we will elaborate on it further.... Read More

Criteria and Techniques of Teacher Evaluation

Teaching is a great and noble profession, and one has to undergo sound education and training before becoming a good and effective teacher. The field of education is ever evolving, and so are the expe... Read More

Effective Instructional Strategies

Instructional strategies or teaching strategies are the techniques and methods employed by teachers to deliver course materials and lessons in ways that enable the students to achieve their learning g... Read More

Pros and Cons of Virtual Schooling

The unforeseen upheaval in the world of education caused by the covid-19 pandemic brought out the resilience of the educational systems as they adapted to the virtual mode of imparting education. Blen... Read More

The Key Features of a 21st Century Classroom

As we continue our journey through the new millennium, changes are happening in all spheres of life, our classrooms must adapt to the modern times we are living in and equip the students to face the r... Read More

Challenges Faced by Newly Set-Up Schools

The education sector in India is constantly expanding due to the high demand fuelled by the country’s increasing population. Education is the core need for our children to acquire knowledge and become... Read More

How to Start a School as a Minority Educational institution?

An institution that is established by a religious or linguistic minority community qualifies as a minority educational institution. A minority institution in India avail of the constitutional guarante... Read More

Desired School Features In the Light of National education Policy

What features could make a school extraordinary and compatible with the National Education Policy ,and what are the elements that helps an institution ensure that the futures of the children studying ... Read More

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