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The Act Of Role Shifting: Teachers Becoming Learners And Learners Becoming Teachers In Today’s Educational Realm

In the participatory approach to the learning process, the role shifting of teachers becoming learners and the learners transforming into teachers are obvious. In the present day classrooms, teachers... Read More

Role Of Social Media In A Teacher’s Professional Development

Teachers are powerful sources of impact and influence in society. Nowadays, there would hardly be anyone who’s not interacting within a digital network for their social interaction.... Read More

Project Based Learning, Connecting Real Life with Theory

Education is a way to upgrade ourselves about various information that is available and develop skills and techniques to revolutionize the working of a society or a community. We provide education to ... Read More

Desirable Traits of a Teacher

India with its teacher-training infrastructure, one of the largest in the world, ranks inordinately low when learning outcomes are assessed. Indeed, the government schools are the ones which are annua... Read More

Is Coaching Different From Mentoring ?

Almost more than half of the teachers have been mentored at some point in their lives. Either when we were hired as a teacher, or when we were a new student in the class. Not many of us can say... Read More

Schools are Looking to Hire and Recruit Teachers Adept in Pedagogical Styles

Teachers are incomparable influences in our life’s. Their presence coincide with our most impressionable phase of the lives we lead. Remember how you learned most of the things, you simply just do... Read More

Why is Teacher Training a Must?

Teaches are a crucial and integral part of the education system. A great teacher is crucial to a student’s development and growth. So, how does one become a great teacher? As teachers, we are always... Read More

Strategies and Nuances of the Teaching Job

Teaching as a job brings a whole lot of pressure provided you take the role seriously because you are the one who can make or mar so many futures. To become an effective and good teacher is a difficul... Read More

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