Schools are Looking to Hire and Recruit Teachers Adept in Pedagogical Styles

Teachers are incomparable influences in our life’s. Their presence coincide with our most impressionable phase of the lives we lead. Remember how you learned most of the things, you simply just do nowadays like tying the tie, the shoelace, a knot? Let’s take a wild guess and say that you did not learn it from a YouTube tutorial or any animated app? Then how did you learn it? You learned it by watching, observing when those things were shown to you and then repeating. The same principle is at work in teaching or tutoring. There is a differences though, the most marked one is the minimization of modelling while lecturing. Teachers must model for their students. Modeling is said to be one of the basic and most effective teaching strategies – to learn by observing or to teach by live demonstrations. Schools or learning institutions usually look forward to recruit teacher or to hire teachers who are adept or can adapt to the modeling pedagogical style.

Schools_are_Looking_to_ Hire_and_Recruit_Teachers_Adept_in_PedagogicalStyles


Now, saying that teachers need to model for their students, and for some handy subjects, like mathematics, science etc., the question invariably surfaces; what should they really model about?

Let’s see, use related visuals or examples? Model as if thinking aloud so the students can listen to that process. Quickly communicate what we are doing and what is actually needed. Present or model logically the way you would have approached a given problem pertaining to the principle under discussion.

Why Modelling And Showing Examples Help?
Educational modeling can be referred to as showing students examples of what they are going to be learning or what they have to learn or the product of the process they are to yet learn. This process’s definition cannot be limited to just showing visual examples of the process, it is helpful for students to observe and learn the process and they can imitate it to develop their own skills and understanding towards the topic.

Numerous advantages of modeling can be observed, like primarily models assist students to see what they are supposed to produce. The idea is to combine the general ideas around the given work with a solid example to ease their work and give them a good idea of their finished products must look like.

Secondly, models help them to have a better understanding towards the significance of the task they are being asked to complete. Sometimes students just simply don’t understand the point in doing some tasks until later and hence complete the task half heartedly or not giving their 100 percent. A clear demonstration of the given work will help students to clear their mind and give their best for the same.

Sometimes, as teachers you also lose the sight about how you actually want the project assigned to the students turn out to be. Providing students with a demonstration or example will let them know exactly how you want the projects to be like.
In fact, the process is very well in practice in curricula of IB and Cambridge International. It’s not pointed to promote them but it has to be said that it is a progressive element deserving appreciation and, if possible, emulation.

Types Of Models To Include Within The Classroom
There can be no single type of modelling to prescribe for the classroom. The types of model to be included are determined by taking your course into consideration, by deciding which elements should be taken in consideration. Some of the types of samples to be included can be:

Professional Sample: This kind of sample, essentially, is to give the students a view how a professional will work around the project, which might as well be given to them. And thus the lesson is explained to them. This will help them to see the top-notch example of what they are doing and also how their work will be viewed in the outside or real world.

Student Sample: Students sample are those samples which you might have collected from your previous students about the same topic that the present ones are given. This gives the present students a students’ perspective of the given topic. Although, you might want to ask the previous students if they are okay with this.

Personal Sample: Sometimes teacher also like to work with the students and make their own samples for the topic they have given to the students to encourage them for the project. In your personal sample you could include all the things you expect from the students or draw out a rough overview of how you want the project to turn out.

Variety And Explanation
Why do we need models, again? To help students get a deeper understanding and learn the topic more interestingly. You might want to make sure that if you are providing them a model – professional, personal – must have a variety and good explanation. Models with variety are required because only then the students will have freedom to what they want to observe and cultivate a novel way.


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