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Role of vocational education in K-12 schools

I am Shubhkaran Rajasthan resident I Polytechnic in Electrical Engineering done diploma course and I also have CITS DIPLOMA IN ELECTRICAL, with seven years teaching experience in ITI college, So i hope you are also recommended to any training jod duty... Read More

Land and Infrastructure needed for CBSE affiliation

We are dealers in Science Equipment and Library and Laboratory Furniture fitted with Gas, electricity,Water and Granite. I liked your website as a good number of CBSE Schools request for your help.. Thank You9472278081... Read More

Over 20,000 UP schools to get basic, cleanliness related infrastructure

In a recent announcement, the government of Uttar Pradesh shared that nearly 20,169 government elementary schools in the state will be provided with basic infrastructure and overall cleanliness.... Read More

Covid-19 pandemic and Indian Education System

The pandemic has brought the digital divide in India into the popular consciousness. The schools remain closed for the fifth consecutive month. At the time like this only the schools that were digitally equipped and the parents who were able to secure connectivity with the World Wide Web were able t... Read More

Influence of pandemic on the education of school students, and steps to overcome the same

Over a year and a half into a pandemic that has caused over 4 million fatalities globally, seemingly India is set to witness the rise of its third wave. Even so, schools are looking into reopening for yet another time, thereby underlining education as an essential requirement.... Read More

How the schools can make parent's critique positive

No school provides “bad education or good education”, I personally believe every school starts with an intent to provide quality education. The philosophy, methodology, and infrastructure may vary with the founder’s vision.... Read More

Selecting a Projector for Classroom Use?

More than 150 companies manufacture over 6000 different models of projectors worldwide till date, of which more than 60 companies stopped manufacturing and more than 4500 models have attained End of Life... Read More

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