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Top 10 criteria for selecting land in India to open a school

Land is my name how I transfer this land to Trust name and how many fund required to open a CBSE school and where we have to take affiliation.... Read More

CBSE, ICSE vs IB, IGCSE; Which is Better for Indian Students?

School Choice Due to his father's transfer, my grandson reading in Lotus Valley, a Reputed CBSE School in Noida(near Delhi) have to over to Hyderabad for his admission in Class Seven. He has already got chance at Kennedy Global High School and Vikas Concept School in Hyderabad Of the two which o... Read More

K12 School Jobs in India

I am B.Sc , B.Ed n have teaching experience for 12 yrs in various schools in India depending on my husband's transfer. I am looking to join online schooling as a teacher. Please let me know the process. Thank you.... Read More

National Independent School Alliance questions the exclusion of the mention of Direct Benefit Transfer in the NEP draft

National Education Policy is posed as a democratic and inclusive draft, however, there are issues which have found vocal detractors. The fiercest opposition that erupted in the wake of NEP promulgation was against the imposition of Hindi as a compulsory subject. The order was rescinded eventually.... Read More

Question of Vacant RTE seats and Loss of School’s Revenue—case of Maharashtra

The number of RTE quota seats filled stand at 46,900 while the total number of seats in the Maharashtra is as high as 2.44 lacs. Faced with a deadlock, or at least a bottleneck, there are suggestions coming in from various quarters, notably from the schools themselves.... Read More

Union Government announces Monetary assistance for Children under Mid-Day Meal scheme

The central government is likely to roll out monetary assistance for 11.8 crore students. The monetary assistance will be provided through Direct Benefit Transfer and it will be done via the Mid Day Meal scheme.... Read More

How Experts Reacted to the Congress' Election Promise to Bring School Education under State List?

The election manifesto of the Congress party reflects what its leaders envisage for the school education in India. The agenda includes shifting of school education to State List besides allocating greater share of GDP to school education. There is hope as well as skepticism regarding the stance of t... Read More

Delhi HC grants interim relief to EWS school students facing expulsion

In yet another instance of ambiguity highlighted in the provisions for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) in school education, a school in Delhi has instigated expulsion of 10 class IX students for non-payment of fee.... Read More

How to Start a School as a Minority Educational institution?

SMG U P School was under Kanjirapally corporate management. They have minority status for this school. 4 years back this school is transferred under another Christian agency. My question is " the minority registration for this school exits under new management". The new management has 2 schools whi... Read More

School Education Programme of Rs 27,360 Crore Cleared by Cabinet

A new centrally sponsored scheme of Rs 27,360 crore was approved by the union cabinet for creating digitally driven schools and strengthening around 14,600 existing schools aimed at holistic development of students. The amount will be spent in 5 years till 2026-27, with 66% of the amount coming from... Read More

6 Points To Consider While Selling Or Buying An Operational School

Real estate gave way to the concept of buying lands or properties which are already operational. This trend is evident in the buying and selling of school properties. And hence, the potential buyers opt to procure operational schools or lands for running schools.... Read More

The Features of a Next Generation Classroom in a School?

With digital literacy on the rise and the ease of availability of information and data, it is pertinent to think about the shifts that the schools and the classrooms would undergo in the future... Read More

CBSE to regulate class 9, 11 admissions of its affiliated schools

As per the recent announcement made on the behalf of the CBSE, the board will now regulate the admissions for class IX and XI in all the schools affiliated to the board. The move is unprecedented as the board has never been directly involved in the admission process.... Read More

Experiential Learning, Enhances Educational outcomes

People learn from the experiences that they have gained which is essential for a living. It is said that experience is the best teacher and it seems education is incomplete without adopting experience-based learning.... Read More

Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

In a major development, a statement by the ministry of human resource and development (MHRD) has been issued stating that the CBSE affiliation process will imminently undergo substantive change. The news was expected as the governing body of the CBSE had submitted its recommendations about reform... Read More

How Rational are the CBSE Bye-Laws 2018?

The curriculum that is deemed to be suitable for an entire nation with differences in language, social mores and culture like no other in the world is a phenomenal entity and Central Board of Secondary Education has been endowed with such recognition giving it its tremendous credibility.... Read More

Closing the Engineering College? Why not convert into an International school?

The en-masse closure of engineering colleges in every state of India is indicative of many things including plummeting interest of candidates, diversification of career choices after K-12 schooling... Read More

How is India beating gender inequality through girls’ education

With gender equality being considered as a sine qua non for attainment of the development goals, the urgency attached to the question of girls’ education in India and across the world is gaining importance. Gender roles have substantially shifted but it can hardly be contested that opportunities for... Read More

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