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K12 School Jobs in India

I am a teacher by profession holding 5+years of experience in teaching Computer Science upto class 10th and Maths and Science upto class 5th. I am still teaching students at home. I would like to join as a online teacher.... Read More

What makes you eligible to start a school in India?

Do I need teaching experiance to start a school... Read More

Important traits of a principal, school leader

Thanks for your teachings and coaching. Be blessed... Read More

What is STEM EDUCATION in Indian School Scenario?

Dear Mr Kakumanu I have been in the teaching profession for 35 years now. I am very passionate about teaching and sharing science with teachers and students. I have been freelancing in organizing workshops for Science teachers in innovative methods of teaching Science. I would love to work for 'Sch... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

I teach mathematics in a CBSE school? Why do the schools disallow the use of very good supplementary books for teachers to teach from in schools while a student can study from them himself?... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

How will inspection committee discern the teaching learning and academic standard?... Read More

JCR Primary School

<p style="text-align: justify;">The school has been established to herald world-class early childhood schooling to the children.&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">It is located in at the slopes of the Eastern Ghats known as Seven Hills. The School architecture reflects the tenets of the school vision catalyzing the development of learners. Architects have framed the dynamic core space of learning in the school focusing on enlarging the integration between teaching and learning.</p>... Read More

Atlantis - The World School - A testimonial to the tradition of educational excellence

May i know the fee structure for students and may I know any teaching job vaccancies for btech graduate. Thank you. Looking forward for your response. ... Read More

CBSE, ICSE vs IB, IGCSE; Which is Better for Indian Students?

1.What is the difference between Igcse and IB? 2. Are our Indian teachers qualified or trained adequately to teach the students in the IB ? What should we look for to decide if the school faculty are qualified enough in such schools? ... Read More

K12 School Jobs in India

Dear Sir, I am writing to express my interest to contribute to the virtual class environment as an online instructor for your organisation. Looking forward to contribute to virtual teaching . ... Read More

How to Start School and get IGCSE affiliation?

I am starting an IGCSE school, one of the extremely qualified teacher does not feel the need to attend the training program of IGCSE/Cambridge International, will it influence his or her teaching?... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

I have seen different books being used to teach students of class 6th and 7th in two different CBSE schools, how is that explainable?... Read More

How to Start School and get IGCSE affiliation?

Do Indian kids really need International Curriculum?... Read More

How to Start School and get IGCSE affiliation?

Is Cambridge primary or Edexcel primary an exact equivalent of what British schools teach?... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

Right now, i am running an institute where i teach as a tutor. I am planning to open a school since last five years but because of financial and support problems i cant implement this. I have planned so many new things that can be add down in School activities.. But the main thing is I need su... Read More

Hyperlocal Marketplace for buying School Supplies Online is the world’s first hyperlocal marketplace for Schools. Schools can find wide range of school supplies and buy playschool furniture, classroom furniture, toys for school, teaching aid, learning aid, preschool material, Montessori material, school stationery, Modern classroom tec... Read More

K12 School Jobs in India

I am B.Sc , B.Ed n have teaching experience for 12 yrs in various schools in India depending on my husband's transfer. I am looking to join online schooling as a teacher. Please let me know the process. Thank you.... Read More

Education Based on Multiple Intelligences

Hello Sir, I am writing from Nagaland. I am looking forward to pen a pre school and is interested in adopting the Multiple Intelligence Methodology of teaching. Can u please guide me on how I can avail the Teachers Training for this method. Thank u ... Read More

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