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Feasibility Study for School Project

<p>Feasibility Assessment for an upcoming school in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra, India.</p>... Read More

Starting a School in Remote Areas – A Case Study

Want to know more about your consultancy services ... Read More

What makes you eligible to start a school in India?

I want to start my own school in career what I can study in graduation ... Read More

CBSE, ICSE vs IB, IGCSE; Which is Better for Indian Students?

Hi, I'm in grade 9 and I study in dubai , I've been studying in icse for 8 years and this year I'm confused on whether I should shift to ib as apparently it is better for my future and gives me more of a easier time in universities abroad as the circulum is similar to ib , I'm really confused on whe... Read More

School Audit

School Improvement Consultants will study and audit in detail the school, related aspects like infrastructure, education, organization, finance, market, parents, systems, etc, perform analysis to identify the key issues to be addressed and determine improvement criteria for the school to be successf... Read More

Land and Infrastructure needed for CBSE affiliation

Sir, I Feeuna Alam, am a student of architecture 2nd year. We are given a literature study of schools in India. Can we please get the minimum measurements, rules and ground requirements for a school? waiting for response ...... Read More

Comparing IB and IGCSE

I am looking for some help regarding choosing between IB and igcse for my son as he was studying in igcse and now is in ib but somewhere I feel igcse is better for hi. As its a set curriculum. Can someone guide me pls... Read More

Comparing IBDP and Cambridge A LEVEL

i am a current student studying in 10th grade, cbse board. i want to change my board next year,from ibdp and a levels which one would be more suitable?... Read More

First-of-its-kind Study by Education Ministry

A ‘foundational learning study’, first of its kind in the world, will be conducted by the MoE (Ministry of Education) at the end of Grade 3 to understand the learning levels of students at the foundational learning stage. The aim of this study is to set up reading benchmarks with comprehension in 22... Read More

Findings on the adoption of Online Education in Government Schools in India

How well the schools have transitioned to online education is an area of active research interest and there have been several useful studies that have attempted to measure the degree of success that the Indian schools have achieved in adopting the online mode of education. One in the league is the s... Read More

Study: Significant Post-Pandemic Learning Loss in Govt School Students

A study was conducted by the Azim Premji University in 41 districts across five states of Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand, covering 108 teachers and 1,644 students from classes 2 to 5. Thirty teachers were interviewed and observed, and 463 students were assessed a... Read More

CBSE and NCEAR collaborate for skill development in schools

CBSE is collaborating with different agencies to create opportunities for the students and teachers so that they can realize the standards as envisaged in the NEP.... Read More

Seeing Lockdown in a new light—Self-study and Skill Building Resources

In the wake of COVID-19 lockdown, the schools across the country are closed and the examinations have been cancelled. State boards and the CBSE has announced that it will promote the students from class 1 to 8 without the examinations, academic calendars are being redesigned. The entire scenario see... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

I teach mathematics in a CBSE school? Why do the schools disallow the use of very good supplementary books for teachers to teach from in schools while a student can study from them himself?... Read More

How to Start School and get IGCSE affiliation?

My children are studying in Cambridge primary school. Sometimes we feel that what they are studying will be difficult for us to help as they will grow. We also we will be able to find tutors for our kids if they need. Are some parts of the course out of our context?... Read More

Deciphering the IB Diploma Program

The international education programs which generate tremendous curiosity among the students and parents are run by the International Baccalaureate Organization and Cambridge International. We have add... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

If a student from a CBSE school in India shift to a CBSE school In Riyadh, will there be absolutely no difference in student’s life?... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

How will the Inspection Committee decipher that the given innovative school is actually “innovative” and students are not losing anything by not studying the syllabus through conventional method?... Read More

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