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Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

Which documents are neccessary at the time submitting application for affiliation... Read More

Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

Wa nt the affliation of our school. 9810478044... Read More

Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

Is there any provision of switch over from CBSE to ICSE school? What is the process? Please inform.... Read More

Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

Sheshraj Academy got Recommendation in July 2017 but affiliation is not granted yet. Pls suggest & Guide. Ph. 9434315834... Read More

Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

If School are not adhering to Condition of sub clause No 4.9 that states 1 meter square area is a necessary condition to decide number of students in a class, what is the way to ensure that they do not violate. P.C. Pandey... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

Are NCERT and CBSE Board is coming with frequent changes to with stand the competition from international programs?... Read More

CBSE Set to Change Question paper Pattern from 2020 Board Exams

Central Board of Secondary Education has announced its intention to introduce changes in the pattern of the questions in the board exams 2020. There are a range of opinions emerging on the subject. Experts are of the opinion that the changes should not be limited to 9-12 class bracket, as stated by ... Read More

Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

Hello sir Actually i am running a Montessori pre school & International Montessori teacher training diploma Course since 5 years. I am in too much mad about to expand my pre school into CBSE school. feeling very helpless, can u plzzzzzzzz help me out. Except my Knowledge i don't have any thing. Sir ... Read More

Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

In a major development, a statement by the ministry of human resource and development (MHRD) has been issued stating that the CBSE affiliation process will imminently undergo substantive change. The news was expected as the governing body of the CBSE had submitted its recommendations about reform... Read More

Major Changes Expected in CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws

CBSE affiliation bye-laws are set for an overhaul. The proposals containing guidelines for far-reaching changes in the examination policy and affiliation bye-laws have been drafted and sent for consideration to Ministry of Human Resource and Development for approval. The proposal that is being const... Read More

Accreditation of Schools Testifies Quality of School Education

The accreditation of schools is sometimes outsourced by the national boards including CBSE. These private institutions have, to the board’s satisfaction, the capability to assess a school in terms of quality of education it imparts.... Read More

CBSE, ICSE vs IB, IGCSE; Which is Better for Indian Students?

School Education in India is witnessing a dynamic shift with the introduction of International programmes like IB and IGCSE curricula in Indian schools. It can be argued that the international education is years from catching up to the levels achieved by countries in Western Europe and Americas but ... Read More

Sports in Schools — how significant are they?

Schools began to get increasingly interested in sports and games. This, I am convinced, was the result of CBSE’s categorical directions regarding the induction of a regular sports period into the time table.... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

There could have hardly been a better time to start/open a CBSE school in India and get CBSE affiliation. We say so because we are witnessing a change of orientation of the board – the 2018 reforms in CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws, which are by all accounts progressive. The curtailment of paperwork, cre... Read More

How are parents selecting a school for their child?

It is hard to find a prototype of a perfect school in India. There are a host of factors that affect the efficiency and desirability of a school. Within the country, schools teaching the same curriculum... Read More

Start an innovative CBSE School?

The term “innovative schools” is doing rounds ever since the new CBSE bye laws are announced. The new CBSE regulation simplifies the process of starting a CBSE school and implementing alternative educational methodologies in India by granting the composite affiliation to innovative schools.... Read More

Containing Momo Challenge — CBSE Directive to Schools

In a recent development, the Central Board of Secondary Education has notified the affiliated schools to take measures against the proliferation of “Momo Challenge”—the most recent cyberbullying phenomenon. Parallels have been drawn between the Momo Challenge and Blue whale Challenge that predates i... Read More

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