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Role of vocational education in K-12 schools

Importance of vocational education and how it helps self development... Read More

Atlantis - The World School - A testimonial to the tradition of educational excellence

The K-12 education made its presence in India with the assessment of need of a continuum of education in early to adolescent years. This type of academic model had become customary in other countries and currently India is keenly advancing towards adopting K-12 educational framework in schools.... Read More

Role of vocational education in K-12 schools

We are following VOCATIONAL EDUCATION through our STEAM EXPLORATORIUM. We are very much interested to work with your projects for developing skills among rural children. Please send further details.... Read More

Role of vocational education in K-12 schools

I am Shubhkaran Rajasthan resident I Polytechnic in Electrical Engineering done diploma course and I also have CITS DIPLOMA IN ELECTRICAL, with seven years teaching experience in ITI college, So i hope you are also recommended to any training jod duty... Read More

Role of vocational education in K-12 schools

We need to understand more about your esteemed organization. Please send details.We have introduced STEAM EXPLORATORIUM in our school. Through this Exploratorium, we are providing inquiry based STEAM integrated learning process for all the students in our campus. Also we have e introduced STEAM FUSI... Read More

Technological Literacy improves K-12 School Education

The technological literacy is leading the economic market in a way unimagined. Understanding the requirement of practical education, there is a huge need for promoting technical education amongst the younger generation getting admitted in the schools.... Read More

Role of vocational education in K-12 schools

Vocational education implies skill-based education that prepares individuals to hone themselves as a technician or in multiple numbers of jobs like a trade or a craft or any creative work activity.... Read More

Start Own Brand School or Franchise School?

Hello Vinod Sir, I read your article and its helpful. I am new to Education field, My field of expertise is construction. We have been considering opening a K-12 School with specific interest in providing holistic education to kids in latest technology, sports, spirituality. Current concern is , is ... Read More

K-12 School Education Scenario in Rural India

Education in rural India has always been a great subject of discussion and we like bringing it into the light such that we eliminate the problems around us and make this society a better place for learners.... Read More

K12 School Jobs in India is a recruitment management platform for K-12 schools. pre-primary teachers, primary teachers, secondary teachers, administrators, principals, school heads can find an appropriate job in schools and apply online... Read More

Closing the Engineering College? Why not convert into an International school?

The en-masse closure of engineering colleges in every state of India is indicative of many things including plummeting interest of candidates, diversification of career choices after K-12 schooling... Read More

India Chapter of GISA Launched

The Global Independent Schools Association (GISA) is a forum which was established with the objective to become the go-to voice of the global independent education sector and act as a resource for governments and global institutions to work together.... Read More

A personalized Learning Navigator for K-12 Education

His initial thought was to create a search engine for a good learning but now it has developed as a platform for teachers as well as students to involve in a quality-based learning with researched resources available at finger tips.... Read More

CSR Spending for Improvement of School Education

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contributions has been mandated by Government of India for all companies meeting specified financial thresholds. Certain areas of socioeconomic development have been specified as well, school education being one of them.... Read More

Our Story

School Serv, an enterprise that has grown to be a leading K-12 School Lifecycle services company is an idea of change brought to life. It embodies an ambition of reimagining education by bringing school services expertise close to educationists. The need for founding an agency that can bridge the ga... Read More

Relevance of Soft Skills in Students

In a progressively diverse and globalized job market, school education, degree/diploma, certifications, skill development, job readiness, and suitable employment have become buzzwords in discourses on education taking place at the global level.... Read More

Updated NCERT Textbooks Anticipated to be Implemented in 2024–2025

According to Education Ministry officials, new National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks updated in accordance with the new National Education Policy (NEP) are likely to be implemented in schools starting with the 2024–25 academic year. The National Curriculum Framework... Read More

How are schools dealing with parent decided career options?

We have discussed academics in schools, relevance, and effectiveness of different curriculums in preparing students for higher education and have taken up the topics like teacher training and enhancing... Read More

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