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Challenges of Integrating Education Technology in Rural Areas

Medical education for rural areas: opportunities and challenges for information and communications technologies ... Read More

Trust vs Society vs Section 8 Company,Which suits best to school starters?

Can I have your email id or contact number to discuss about starting an educational institution.... Read More

How to Start School and get IGCSE affiliation?

I am a teacher by profession, I have taught in an ICSE school. Can in apply to become a Cambridge Associate?... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

sir, i am from udaipur district i belongs to village mungana . i want to provide top quality education to remote area childrens . for this purpose i want to open a cbse board recognised school in my village and for this i need your consultation for how to open a school and run the school in a perfe... Read More

Legal suit filed against Google for amassing students data in US

Alphabet's Google search engine, was sued by the Attorney General of New Mexico for allegedly collecting students’ personal information without parental consent. It was alleged that an educational software of the corporation used by the students collects personal data.... Read More

Mumbai sees protests against school fee hike, ban on online classes

Mumbai saw a spate of protests by parent groups on the issues of fee hike by a prominent school chain-- with six schools in Mumbai alone-- and the ban on online classes for primary and preschool children.... Read More

Data Science will be introduced in schools in the wake of the NEP 2020

In the wake of the National Education Policy 2020, areas such as AI, coding, robotics, Data Science will be introduced. CBSE has already announced the introduction of these technical areas. We have already discussed some of these in our earlier blogs, and in this article we will discuss Data Science... Read More

A Guide for Parents to Help Children with Remote Learning

The closure of schools worldwide due to coronavirus has drawn scholars and pupils to get involved in the virtual education. Times are difficult and we need to adjust with the new mechanism. As the students are reckless, parents need to increase their level of patience while students are at home. The... Read More

Engaging E-learning Applications for a Good Change

Technology when utilised efficiently and effectively brings a bagful of opportunities coming of age in any field. In order to keep up with the trends in educational sector we need to keep ourselves open to all the possible outcomes when we step into new avenues. This brings me to the topic which is ... Read More

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