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Big News Announcement by CBSE For Board Exam Students

Between us speaking, in my opinion, it is obvious. I will refrain from comments. ... Read More

President Says New Education Policy will Establish India as Knowledge Superpower

Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' commented, "The policy will lay the formation stone of new India and will provide technical, scientific and job-oriented education to girls, minorities and under-privileged sections of the society."... Read More

Start Own Brand School or Franchise School?

Sir, Simple and straight forward question. I am very keen to take over an Orphanage / Ashram with 75 students. I am retired and healthy and very keen to convert this Ashram into Residential School. In our present education system 10+2+3. The Ashram has upto 10 standard. Besides, obtaining Higher Se... Read More

BYJU to Organize the Biggest Ever Virtual School Quiz Competition

BYJU’S, the leading edtech company is going to organize a quiz competition that is being reported as the world’s biggest school quiz ever.... Read More

State’s Education Expenditure Per-Student has Risen in Delhi

The government annual expenditure per head is reported to have risen significantly from 2016-17 to 2020-21. The annual expenditure per student in 2016-17 was Rs. 50,812 and in 2020-21 it was to the tune of Rs. 78,082. The figures relating to the expenditure incurred were published in the Delhi Econo... Read More

CBSE circular that demanded students and staff information challenged in High Court

The Delhi High Court has asked for response from the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) while considering a plea challenging the circulars that asked affiliated schools to share personal information of the school staff, and students on the Online Affiliated School Information System (OASIS... Read More

Civil Society Organization Protests the Omissions of New religions from Textbooks

An organization known as Swaraj Abhiyan Karnataka has alleged “saffornization” of education citing omission of content related to the new religions—Buddhism and Jainism from the chapters of class 6 Social Science textbooks.... Read More

COVID-19 likely to have a bearing on the education budget thereby on NEP

The NEP promulgation marks a paradigm shift in education, a prelude of sorts for these shifts has been witnessed in the changes that the schooling system has witnessed in the process of coping with the pandemic imposed constraints. The commentators believe that the upcoming budget will bear heavily ... Read More

Corporal Punishment in Schools and teacher culture

While going through Right to Education act one comes across a relatively less talked about the provision which is corporal punishment. I have tried to share information and insights on the subject in this article based not only on what the act itself states but also how it is perceived and to what e... Read More

EYFS- a Pre-grooming Session for Three to Five-year-old Children

The EYFS makes sure to provide children with healthy and safe learning environment. It advocates school readiness and gives children wider knowledge about developing skills for progress in the future.... Read More

UN Report Indicates Poor learning Outcomes of Children In school

The UN has come up with a report that indicates the sub-par status of educational outcomes in several areas of the world. The study has focused on the learning outcomes of the children who despite going to their respective schools are lagging on various parameters of learning.... Read More

Revisiting Bloom’s Taxonomy— An overview

We have talked about learning outcomes and educational goals and how to achieve them in several of our previous articles. In this article, I am going to discuss the theoretical device widely applied to direct pedagogy... Read More

Glimpses of NEP 2020 and Notable International Education Systems

The new education policy has deservedly been at the center of discussion in educational circles. The NEP 2020 is expected to bring about systemic changes in the way education is structured and it is also going to alter the methodologies and broaden the outcomes of school certificates, degrees, and d... Read More

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