Assess the feasibility of the proposed institutional upgrade

Wortundtat and AMG together have an indelible footprint in the landscape of social enterprise in India. The targets of both the organizations is to end the deprivation and break the which is ubiquitous vicious cycle of poverty. 

Both the organizations, Wortundtat and AMG, have decades of experience in the arena of social service, institution building and community mobilization. Wortundtat as well as AMG are being received encouragingly in India because of their effective, efficient and selfless service to the ultra-poor.

The conditions of the unorganized labor working in the lime Kilns were deplorable and the children were hardest hit, and their futures became a casualty. That provided the backdrop to start a school at Indhiramma Colony, Piduguralla, Andhra Pradesh.  

With aid coming from Wortundtat, AMG India established the Pre-school, day care and primary school in the year 2015 which benefitted the children of the lime kiln workers by initiating them into education. The original intent was that after the completion of the school the children would avail secondary education in Chilakaluripet. 

Since 2015 several hundred girls and boys have attended pre-school, day nursery and primary school. 

However, only a few children have made the transition after the primary school to the secondary boarding school at Chilakaluripet, primary reason cited being the reluctance of parents to send children far from home to reside in the boarding school at Chilakaluripet.

Referring to the situation, AMG, India has recently made a proposal addressing Wortundtat signifying the need for starting a secondary school constituting Grades 6th to 12th in Piduguralla school campus.

Wortundtat has tasked School Serv to assess the feasibility of starting a secondary school (Grades 6 thru 12) and suggest a strategy for the way forward.


Project Information

Site Area : 2 Acres
Constructed Area : 12000 sq.ft
Day School Capacity : 500
Total Capacity : 500
Launch : June 2015
Programs offered : Nursery - Grade 5
Location : Piduguralla, Andhra Pradesh
Client : Wortundtat

Key Deliverables

Assess the feasibility of the proposed institutional upgrade and determine viability of the existing primary school within the socio-economic context



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