Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

Lead Consultant & Founder


Technocrat turned entrepreneur with expertise in Information Technology. Business Management, k-12 School Services and building turnkey systems aimed at improving academic standards across the board.


Through his extensive experience in running a 120+team of highly skilled professionals at IBM, handling 200+ global client’s, he mastered the core principles of making decisions, executing, delivering, delegating, managing tasks and enabling his client’s realize their vision decisively.


Vinod envisions a future, Where quality education is available to every child in the country, which is the key motivating factor that drove him to pivot from a globetrotting IT executive to an International School Consultant. He realizes this noble goal by helping his clients succeed in their mission to start a school in India.


He strives hard to deliver on the promises made, and to the satisfaction of the client, making “Customer First” as the primary motto for his team and social enterprise thereof. Over the past 9 years, backed by a skilled team, long-term collaborations, and an eminent advisory board, Vinod had consistently delivered new school setup services to 35+ clients and ancillary services to almost 1000+ schools across the country. It is his proven and much-acclaimed focus on the quality of the deliverable and customer satisfaction that has made him renowned in his field of work.



Team School Serv is passionate about increasing educational outcomes, achieving better results for our partner schools – results that go beyond financial and are social, holistic and uniquely tailored.

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