Schools must aim at developing 21st Century Skills

21st Century, the era of advanced digitalization where almost every single business, project, education and entertaiment has come on the internet and getting boosted with the help of data.

This is the time where the internet and data technology has proven as the biggest game changer in the human history and gave a phenomenal boost to technology.

As the technology started getting developed, the need for the appropriate skills came into high demand. There became a sudden rise in the requirements of a certain skill set which can benefit the global market.

Now, you all might be thinking that what are those skills and how they will benefit the global market?

So let me answer your question

Due to the enormous change in the way of using technology, this world is expected to be much more developed than it used to be in 20 century and we are already experiencing it. The fundamental need of this developmental structure is nothing but the suitable skills which can help the humans in improving their current existence and make it more interesting.

A study published in a magazine by Global Educationalist David Ross who is 21st Century Skills Expert clearly states that in this super digitalized world, all learners, from schools to working organizations, should consist of new talents and innovative approach to accomplish the desired goals in future. In order to make this generation ready for the future success in school space, workspace and life process; it is very essential to carry the 21st-century skills.

There are few skills which are the top priority for the educational thought leaders to inculcate in students. The skills are listed below:

1. Critical Thinking

  • It's a practice of solving the problems in a unique way.
  • This skill is mostly required in health science.
  • It helps students in exploring the different angles to solve the complex problem.
  • Critical thinking excites the students to discover the truth behind the proclaimed statements.

2. Creativity

  • It's an ability to think beyond the imagination.
  • It comprises of intelligence, originality in ideas, courage to invent and brief knowledge.
  • Students get interested in making valuable innovation with their creative approach towards the world.
  • Creativity encourages the students to change their thinking domain which is actually in effect.
  • It encourages self-expression in students.

3. Problem Solving

  • A skill consisting of good aptitude to understand the problem and find a sustainable solution for it.
  • It gives an ability to the student to understand the route of the problem and reach to its suitable solution.
  • This skill itself is a mathematical approach. It gives opportunities to the students to practice brainstorming.
  • Logical thinking adds more points in problem-solving attempt.

4. Communication

  • The most important skill required to become an effective leader in 21st Century.
  • Effective communication is the foundation to build a meaningful career.
  • The ability to speak well separates the extraordinary students from a normal one.
  • Good communication improves the presentation skills of students as it revolves around positive energy, clarity in thoughts including passion.

5. Technological Literacy

  • It's an ability to use the technology in a productive way so that learning experiences get enhanced through proper management of technological information.
  • Technological literacy integrates most of the skills like creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and even communication; and helps students in making themselves ready for future happenings in the market.
  • It makes learning more productive and more efficient. Technology is considered as the major tool to enhance the reading and writing literacy in the educational process.
  • It improves decision making as tech sources provide detailed information about a specific subject.

6. Collaboration

  • It is the most essential aspects of life, especially in schools for collaborative learning.
  • Collaboration skill enables the school students to interact with their friends and execute any activity which is expected to be productive.
  • Collaboration generates a mutual understanding in students and shares respect for each other’s thoughts.
  • This skill makes the career journey of students comparatively easy.
  • Many experts call it as a Soft Skill which is as important as a hard skill such as technological literacy. The educational leaders need to focus on providing skill-based education to the students in schools. By providing creative education, school promoters can help the young generation in enabling them to do well in their career.

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

Founder & Consultant - School Serv

Vinod Kakumanu heads a team of school services professionals and is an independent commentator on Indian school education scenario. Vinod has assisted school promoters establish 35+ schools besides providing ancillary services to over 1000 schools across India. He envisions a future where quality education is made available to every child of the country. The focus he places on the quality of the deliverables and customer satisfaction has made him renowned in the field of K-12 school education.

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