Govt. of Karnataka collaborates with Samsung to Launch Digital Library for Schools

A digital initiative called ‘Samsung Digital Library’ has been launched by the Government of Karnataka in collaboration with Samsung.

The announcement of the inauguration of the digital library was made collectively by the Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) and Government of Karnataka.

The aim of the initiative is said to be the bridging of the prevalent digital divide and promotion of academic equity by ensuring equal educational opportunities to the people.

The Samsung Digital Library will initially serve 100 plus government schools of Karnataka. The distribution of gadgets including over 2000 Samsung Galaxy Tab A will take place under the initiative. Besides that, e Education Content and training will also be provided. The initiative, it is estimated, will benefit more than 25000 students. This will be done as the first phase of the programme, the subsequent phase will start in the month of August.

The inauguration of the Samsung Digital Library programme had in attendance S Suresh Kumar, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education of Karnataka along with Heejoon Kang, Chief Financial Officer, SRI-B, and other Samsung executives.

Samsung Digital Library is a basically a corporate social responsibility initiative advanced by SRI- B.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kumar said that the collaboration with Samsung will help the government strengthen the educational infrastructure in the state.

"Students at this age must get an experience of the latest technology to have a holistic development. The Samsung tablets will be an ideal way to engage these kids in an interactive manner and we hope this to be a fulfilling association," he added.

Dipesh Shah, Managing Director at Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore, said that with this partnership between Samsung and the government, the students will now have engaging methods of learning and acquire familiarity with digital technology.


Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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