Desired School Features In the Light of National education Policy

What features could make a school extraordinary and compatible with the National Education Policy ,and what are the elements that helps an institution ensure that the futures of the children studying under its wings is secure? 


We have tries to answer these questions in the current article, herein we have tried to enlist features that contribute in making a school an ideal learning environment and in securing the future of the children, and the careers of the teachers.  

 First and foremost, the school should aspire to become an efficient organization with clearly defined objectives, long and short-term goals. It should have a progressive culture and clearly delineated briefs for departments. 

Following are the features that pertain to the Organizational culture and HR Practices that are essential for a conflict free environment and for convergence of ideas 

    1. Strong Leadership

    2. Non-interference of the management in Academic handling 

    3. Academicians onboard 

    4. Frequent performance review of teachers 

    5. Frequent training for teachers 

    6. Community exposure for teachers and principal 

    7. Opportunity for professional capacity building for teachers 

    8. Measures to keep attrition to a minimum 

    9. Sharing of organizational challenges and achievements with all members 

    10. Aspire for membership in a renowned community of CBSE schools in 5 years 

    11. A strong disciplinary committee 

    12. A management that takes stock of professional relationships between principal and teachers non-invasively 

    13. A manger to look after affiliation and accreditation formalities 

    14. Principal who could manage and improve relationship between school and community stakeholders

    15. Rotating leadership position for teachers and few administrative roles for teaching staff on voluntary basis 

    16. Guest lecturers and substitute teachers on school’s rolls


To leverage early year’s education and make the most out of NEP, an ideal school is supposed to have a nurturing preschool in its campus. The features that the school should aim to develop in its preschool are-- 


    1.  well-structured curriculum with quantifiable learning outcomes (to be introduced after pandemic) as it is consistent with the NEP 

    2. Infrastructure to be planned accordingly 

    3. Separate leadership for the preschool as it requires more involvement and less administration 

    4. Involvement of the parent community in Preschool planning or execution through a representative body 

    5. A child psychologist/counsellor onboard


Academics is central to the school and it should focus on, as the NEP suggests on inculcating 21st century skills by redefining learning outcomes.

The features that are needed to achieve that objectives are the following--

    1. Modern pedagogical approaches like Theory of Multiple Intelligences in teaching 

    2. Adopting best curriculum solutions that entwine 21st century skills with learning outcomes 

    3. Adopting class performance evaluation models and solutions 

    4. The Psychometric assessment on Big-5 benchmarks etc.

    5. Emphasis on STEM; balancing theory with adequate lab work 

    6. Project-based learning model for STEM as well as Non-STEM subjects 

    7. Labs for languages

    8. Option to learn foreign language 

    9. Keep home assignments tied with real-life scenarios 

    10. Blended learning model for all classes and online assignments 

    11. facility to attend class from anywhere in the campus or home (class 8 onwards)

    12. Student counselling and career counselling facility 

    13. Option of an international board


The co-curriculum has been emphasized by the NEP, and it is essential when it comes to building a well-rounded educational programme. The features of the co-curriculum and the elements to achieve an environment of holistic growth are--


    1. A well-stocked library complete with digital resources 

    2. Programs to promote reading in children and keeping track of reading through mentors 

    3. Organizing and maintaining school sports teams

    4. Facilities and instruction to optimize physical activity 

    5. Plan sports facilities smartly to provide as many options as possible in the given acreage 

    6. Create a culture of equal emphasis on sports and academics 

    7. Appoint qualified faculty for sports to identify and nurture talent 

    8. Keep parents in loop on topics of physical education

    9. Periodic sessions on health and nutrition for parents 

    10. Facilities for music, fine arts and performing arts 

    11. Appoint certified faculty for arts 

    12. Organize intra-school competitions and participate in inter-school competitions 

    13. Organize inter-school arts, debates, writing etc. competitions, online in the beginning

    14. A student magazine and newsletter for children to participate  

    15. Model-UN and other such activities for exposure 



In the NEP, premium has been placed on the training in and the use of technology. It is increasingly pertinent to Integrate digital systems into educational ecosystem, and the features for establishing an efficient technological apparatus in the school are--

    1. A wi-fi enabled campus with cybersecurity measures 

    2. Encourage use of own devices in children post class 7 

    3. Use of Google Workspace for Education, Chromebook etc. and conferencing platforms 

    4. Smart classrooms with Interactive White Boards

    5. Digital assignments 

    6. Digital records of progress and learning outcomes and teacher performance 

    7. Digital feedback mechanism on teacher’s performance 

    8. Robotics and AI labs 

    9. Competitions and exposure to new technologies 

    10. Invite guest-speakers on STEM and Digital technology subjects 

    11. Staff training in the application of School Management Software 

    12. Tools for collaboration, communication, and creativity

    13. Easy IT administration


The efficacy of the assessment defines the level of academic success of the students and it is important for any school to strive for comprehensive assessments with a component of personalized evaluation. The features of the assessment system that can contribute in the fulfillment of this objective are--


    1. Classroom performance quantifying solutions 

    2. Weekly Digital or pen-paper tests and digital record of progress 

    3. Psychometric assessment solutions for beyond academics progress assessment 

    4. Customized assignments for low-performers  

    5. Self-paced lectures for students and with self-evaluation features 

    6. Holistic assessment report with performance in extra-curricular activities and personality inventory factored in 

    7. social/emotional learning outcomes measured 

    8. assessment of community participation through assignment that require students to engage with the community at large 

Parents are important stakeholders in the development and functioning of an educational institution, hence parental communication attains primary importance and school should strive to provide a platform to parents so that they can ideate and share. The features to ensure robust parental communication channel are--

    1. Automated notification system 

    2. Regular PTA meetings and online communication with parents 

    3. Fortnightly Discussion on progress of child with class and subject teachers 

    4. Workshops and seminars for parents on child development related topics 

    5. Column for parents in School Magazine 


Finally, the Safety and security of measures to Fool proof the protection of children and for enhancing wellbeing should be looked into. The features that compose an ideal safety system in schools are--


    1. GPS and surveillance- enabled transportation system 

    2. Feedback mechanism for all systems 

    3. Background check and vetted recruitment 

    4. Awareness program for children 

    5. Easy Access to counselors 

    6. Well- staffed on campus MI room and ambulance availability 

    7. Regular sanitization of facilities

    8. Hygieneic cafetaria 

    9. Digital Systems immune to cyberbullying and other malpractices 

    10. Awareness program for parents and digital resources for children on health and nutrition


National Education Policy is expected to bring in fundamental shifts in education and schools will be better placed if they start understanding the features that are needed for being compatible with the NEP 2020. 

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

Founder & Consultant - School Serv

Vinod Kakumanu heads a team of school services professionals and is an independent commentator on Indian school education scenario. Vinod has assisted school promoters establish 35+ schools besides providing ancillary services to over 1000 schools across India. He envisions a future where quality education is made available to every child of the country. The focus he places on the quality of the deliverables and customer satisfaction has made him renowned in the field of K-12 school education.

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