What Are The Duties Of A School Principal?

There is a saying which goes like this: a person was confused as to who he should become in the future. He wanted to be a teacher, lawyer, counselor, police officer, politician, healer, manager, nurse, researcher, coach, detective, and also a security guard. As he couldn't correctly choose between these, his choice was to be a School Principal.

Yes, a school principal has all these roles to play together. He or she must be an arbitrator who combines the qualities of all these professions.

Principals are those individuals who oversee all higher-level operations in a school. They are responsible for creating a safe learning environment in the academy and they set performance goals both for students and teachers.

The role of the Principal is not limited to the school premises alone. A school principal is to provide leadership, direction, and coordination within the school as well as with other schools.

The Principal's priority should be to develop and maintain effective educational programmes within his or her school. For that, the principal must be well aware of the policies and programmes implemented in other schools as well. This helps in enhancing the teaching and learning atmosphere within the school he or she is administering.

Great principals are skilled in leadership, relationship-building, organisation, communication, and goal-setting. As the leader of the school, the Principal’s leadership responsibilities include planning, implementing, supporting, advocating, and monitoring.

The major skills mandatory for a school principal are communication skills, organisational skills,problem-solving skills, visionary skills, and leadership skills. He or she must be an excellent communicator with a high degree of listening skills. In terms of organisational skills, he or she must be affluent at the planning and execution of policies related to academics and administration.

He or she must have a good vision for future endevours as well.

The 5 basic duties of a school principal

  • The school principal is responsible for envisioning academic success for all students
  • The school principal is responsible for creating a climate hospitable to education.
  • The school principal has to cultivate leadership qualities in others.
  • The school principal is the person responsible for improving instruction in the academy.

Being the head of an institution, a school principal has to oversee the day-to-day school operations, manage school logistics and budgets, set learning goals for students and teachers, regularly monitor their performance, and then present data from school performance to board members. The school principal must research new resources and techniques to improve the teaching and learning atmosphere in the school.

The school principal is the energiser of the whole institution. He or she should be genuine, understanding, and agreeable. There must be a perfect blend of rigidity as well as flexibility in a school principal's character. Even though principals are the bosses of schools, they must be dependable and should be good listeners. They should be multitaskers with a dynamic Perspective.

Who is a good school principal?

While hiring a school principal, the recruiters should consider the fact that, if the candidate is a good listener and an efficient teacher, then he or she would make a great principal.

An efficient school principal should have a standard approach on how to handle situations. If the principal is willing and focused, then he or she can well manage the institution. Principal recruiters should consider every quality and skill required for choosing such a candidate.

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