Challenges Faced By Schools In Educating Children : A Critical Analysis

Identifying the most pressing challenges in the school sector in educating children, is a simple first step toward fixing them. Here, through this write up we have tried to highlight a few such challenges and their solutions.

Problems of Access 

Access is a major challenge that the education sector is confronted with. Even though our constitution demands free and compulsory education for children under 14 years, this is evidently denied in many areas as a result of social barriers. 

Equality in Education 

Not only access has to be given, but equality must be ensured in imparting education to children. There should not be any disparities from school management in providing adequate infrastructure to learners. Any act of discrimination is to be prohibited in the education sector. 

Shortage of Staff 

Staff shortage is yet another concern affecting the education sector. Even now in this technologically advanced society, there are challenges in hiring, recruitment, and even retainment of the staff for schools. Finding the right talents to fill the position of teacher stands as a  challenge too. A shortage of teachers leads to attendance shortages and affects the smooth functioning of the school. 

Funding issues

In order to provide sufficient infrastructure to ensure quality education in schools, adequate funds are required. Lack of authorised sources of funds affects the sustainability of schools. 

Infrastructure Concerns 

The right infrastructure is the basis for learning in any institution. Facilities or amenities are as important as the faculties for a school. The digital era is characterised by smart classrooms and advanced technological tools. The basic infrastructure in classrooms should be neat and accessible. 

Lack of skills and training 

Today's age demands a skill-based learning system and that calls for a well-structured training system. Innovations are to happen in every phase of the learning process and that needs support from those involved in the process. 

Absence of cooperation and coordination 

The process of school education is not limited to the discretion of an individual, but of a community of individuals who contribute to the teaching-learning process. Cooperation between teachers, management and parents/ guardians is crucial in enhancing the quality of a child's school education. 

Transportation Issues 

Transportation is the hindrance that stops many children from the parlance of learning. For rural communities to get access to quality education, they should be provided with safe and sound transportation facilities. Schools must be well connected by road, rail, and air as well as there should be secured commutation services arranged for the students and staff. 

Apart from the above mentioned challenges, there are other major challenges like child labour, cultural impact, and even climatic issues that have a direct impact on the learning of an individual. Appropriate research and proper awareness can deal with these challenges and contribute to the development of the school sector for effective teaching-learning.

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