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Major changes in CBSE Bye-Laws come into effect

Is there any provision of switch over from CBSE to ICSE school? What is the process? Please inform.... Read More

Comparing CBSE and ICSE Boards

Our relative want to switch over their school affiliation from cbse to icse due to some land issue. Is it a wise decision?... Read More

Comparing IB and IGCSE

Sir, My son is in grade 5 CBSE curriculum currently . Last month he has given CAT4 exam . In that he scored full in spatial and verbal and above 80 in non verbal & quantitative. His teacher told he may good in science or art . In our observation he is good in science reasoning. She asked to switch t... Read More

Documents Needed While Applying for CBSE Affiliation

Respected Sir, My school is already affiliated (from 2002-03) with Punjab School Edu. Board, Mohali, Punjab. I want to switch over into Cbse. But the room size of my school is 24ft * 16ft. does this kind of room size , creates any kind of problem, because all rooms were built... Read More

CBSE, ICSE vs IB, IGCSE; Which is Better for Indian Students?

Hi, My son is presented appearing for MYP 5 at Indus International school. He joined IB programme from grade 8 onwards as his earlier education was CBSE,, and he thinks he should switch over to Cambridge A levels from next year, as he wants to pursue university education in India only, is A levels... Read More

Extension of deadline for application of affiliation of schools announced by CBSE

In the wake of Corona Virus lockdown, the Central Board of Secondary Education hasextended the deadline for applying to get CBSE affiliation for aspiring schools. The board has released a notification to this effect.... Read More

Practices to Adapt in a Preschool Teacher Job

Preschool teachers have more than one set of responsibilities on their shoulders. Being a preschool teacher is an associated qualification to their identity as a teacher as they enter the students’ life when their minds are most impressionable and brains in accelerated receptive mode.... Read More

Re-opening of Schools-Learnings from the world

It is remarkable how the schools in India, K-12 educators and administrators have switched to remote learning practices amid Covid-19 induced lockdown. As the time goes by, the educators and administrators are redirecting their attention from providing high-quality online education to reopening the ... Read More

Schools Asked by CBSE to do Self-Assessment Against SQAA Framework

All schools must complete a mandatory prior self-evaluation against the school quality assessment and assurance (SQAA) framework, according to a notification from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).... Read More

Documents Needed While Applying for CBSE Affiliation

All applications shall be submitted online only. Following documents are required to be uploaded while making an application for CBSE affiliation online -... Read More

Use Eco-friendly School Supplies to Conserve Nature

Few things burden our collective consciousness as does the environmental crisis, at least the volume of discourse on the subject suggests that. Climate change scarcely seem fictitious now even to the most wishful of minds. The consumer economy has bitten hard on the environmental resources and the d... Read More

Graphic and Comic Strips to Make Learning Engaging

Learning can be even more fun-filled if children are oriented to acquire knowledge from illustrations, visuals, paintings etc. that conveys a general idea or a moral lesson rather than just entertainment.Students should also get an exposure to real-life teachings apart from the subject based learnin... Read More

Learning Matters—How a Powerful Tool to Modify Education in Rural Areas Evolved

Saras has an overall 18 years of experience in various child education programmes, managing digital contents and also teaching in the US. She has two MS degrees from Purdue University in Child Development and Special Education. After returning back to India she contacted her friend Gowri who was wor... Read More

Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning—learning outside classrooms

We know how technology has created a revolution in education. it has not only simplified the process of learning but has also given way for students to get hold of different kinds of learning. The online or digital experience has grown in popularity and accessibility; it can broadly be divided into ... Read More

Evaluating the progress made in the decade in the arena of teacher-development

The said teacher training program was initiated for the training of the teachers who are in-service. The program was initiated in October 2017 by MHRD with the objective to impart training and award Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.).... Read More

The New CBSE School Affiliation System, School Affiliation Re-Engineered Automation System (SARAS) - an Overview

The national board has come up with a new and improved mechanism for streamlining the entire process of affiliation which is purportedly designed to enhance the ease of doing business with the board. It is obvious that such an intervention was required and needed. There was a feeling among the schoo... Read More

Policy Changes Warranted to Ease Opening Private Schools

Private Schools in India are non-proprietary enterprises. Procedures to open a school in India must be eased to the highest possible degree to excel in the global developmental race, given that school promoters are committing their resources to educate children of India and contributing to the most ... Read More

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