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School Serv Values

School Serv Core Values... Read More

School Serv Vision

To be India’s no.1 K-12 School consulting and management services Company... Read More

Paramita Little Genius

<p>School Serv reviewed infrastructure at <strong>Paramita Little Genius school</strong> and suggested a re-alignment plan for play school.</p>... Read More

School Serv Mission

Enrich education for children in schools, and prepare them for life in 21st century by providing innovative and uniquely tailored services to schools.... Read More

Does School Serv provide services to clients across India?

YES, Team School Serv is equipped to deliver services to prospective clients across India. School Serv team has experience in delivering services globally. Language, State are not any barriers for new school setup. Collaborations are a vital part of what we do.

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Can School Serv get us more admissions?

No. School Serv can only help you with a long-term strategy to improve admissions and retention.

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How to Start an IB School Anywhere In India?

Continental food needs to be served as per norms if student is in IB board ... Read More

Improvement and Audit Services for Schools

School Serv’s experienced school audit team has devised a three-step approach to school improvement. Over the years, School Serv has worked with school management in several such situations and has helped them increase admissions and returns on educational investment.... Read More

IRIS World School

<p><strong>IRIS World School</strong> started in June 2011 with an intent to provide high quality international education. School Serv provided supplies and materials for the initial setup. School Serv identified the key areas for improvement, developed and implemented a transformation plan in 2014. Some areas of improvement are master plan and architecture, interior design, landscaping, playground, education infrastructure, technology adoption, cafeteria, academics, administration and safety systems, organization structure and brand image.</p>... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

I am thinking of buying an operational school listed on your portal, Will it be possible for me make radical changes to the school like curriculum, as that is what we think will make the difference. What facilities does we get from school serv in managing the school that we bought fo... Read More

How much do you charge for school improvement services?

Fee is calculated based on the effort involved; effort varies by the nature of school. School Serv charges a task based and fixed fee for school improvement services.

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Does School Audit and Improvement Report guarantee improvements?

School Serv shall conduct a detailed audit and provide an improvement report which include a "to be" state, improvement budget and transformation plan. The improvement results highly depend on how the improvement plan is implemented and the schools readiness for the market.

School Serv is always happy to implement the transformation plan and deliver guaranteed improvements.

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How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

What does the “post affiliation” norms do?... Read More

Kennedy Nextgen Kids

<p><strong>Kennedy&rsquo;s Next Gen Kids</strong>, A primary school established by Koganti educational society. <strong>Next Gen Kids</strong> brings international quality primary education closer to residences. Unique features include tablet based education and a 1200 Sq.ft terrace pool. School Serv provided concept to completion assistance and continue to support ongoing operations.</p>... Read More

How to Buy Classroom Furniture and Playschool Material?

Hello Sir, I'm very pleased to visit school serv website. I run a high school in a remote area and I wish the unprivileged children gets all the opportunities and enjoy every sort of learning. My Children is in need of your help to build a better education service such as auditorium, infrastructur... Read More

What is STEM EDUCATION in Indian School Scenario?

Dear Mr Kakumanu I have been in the teaching profession for 35 years now. I am very passionate about teaching and sharing science with teachers and students. I have been freelancing in organizing workshops for Science teachers in innovative methods of teaching Science. I would love to work for 'Sch... Read More

Explorika -Early Learning School & Child Care

<p><strong>Explorika is a premier early learning school and child care center</strong> that offers world class experience in early learning for children up to 6 years age and child care for children ages 3 months to 12 years. Explorika is a perfect opportunity for children to explore, build strong foundations for life. School Serv gave life to Explorika, provided concept to completion assistance and continue to manage ongoing operations. In the first year of operation, Explorika is ranked #20 among Bangalore&rsquo;s best pre-schools in 2014 and Awarded BEST preschool concept of the year by Brainfeed Magazine.</p>... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

If Cambridge International or IB can be allowed then why not other educational curricula from across the world e.g. U.S or Australia can enter the school education scene of India?... Read More

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