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Start a School in India

We help start new CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE schools. We plan school concept, design school master plan, building and interiors, establish curriculum, affiliation, recruit teachers, procure school supplies, school branding, market school for school admissions.... Read More

Land and Infrastructure needed for CBSE affiliation

Hello, I am planning for a new school and need guidance on how we can proceed ahead for this. Want to start a CBSE school. ... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

Right now, i am running an institute where i teach as a tutor. I am planning to open a school since last five years but because of financial and support problems i cant implement this. I have planned so many new things that can be add down in School activities.. But the main thing is I need su... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

Is the procedure for opening international primary school different from a regular primary school?... Read More

How much land is required to start a new school?

Minimum requirement is 500 – 8000 Square meters. However land required depends on specific location you wish to open the proposed school, facilities you propose to provide to students, state board and other affiliations (CBSE, ICSE, etc) you are planning to seek for your new school.

... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

Is there a limitation or ceiling established by any department regulating the school fee?... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

I am planning to open a school in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and wish to engage your expertise in establishing and managing the school. Want to check if you are interested to associate as investment partner?... Read More

PPP model for Opening New Sainik Schools Set Afloat

The Government of India has proposed to advance a new curricular system which is being dubbed as the Sainik School curriculum to provide Indian school students a national alternative to the CBSE curriculum.... Read More

Anantha Lakshmi International School - A welcome addition to the educational scene of Anantapur

Hi Sir..!Am Vamsi Krishna from Dharmavaram..We are starting a new school at Dharmavaram.We planning to apply for CBSE permission.We are looking for a consultant.I hope you will help us in getting a CBSE affiliation..I hope you will reply to my message as early as possible..VAMSI KRISHNA..... Read More

Planning a New School

Over the years, we have found that each situation while starting a school presents unique opportunities and challenges. During the Initial stage, Our International School Consultants will help clients to validate the idea, identify key issues to be addressed, gather information thru market survey to... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

We are planning for a new school on PPP model. Land will be sponsored by CSR funding. But prospective sponsors require a funds flow statement for at least 5 years. Since education per se in India is not -for- profit and the only source of revenue is tuition fees from students it is difficult to pr... Read More

Delhi Schools not to open until after July, Virtual Classes shall continue, micro-plans for reopening in the offing

As Delhi witnesses a worrying escalation of the Covid-19 situation, reports are streaming in that schools might not open even in July. In all likelihood, the virtual classes are going to keep the children and the teachers busy once the summer break ends.... Read More

Whither the role of academicians in starting a school?

India is witnessing an increasing trend in the number of new schools. Starting a new school in India and providing quality education involves meticulous planning and unconditional commitment of the promoter.... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

I have opened a new school which is till class 5. my plan is to add higher classes very quickly. The school is made on CBSE guidelines and we use NCERT books. I am going to open class 6th and 7th and apply for CBSE affiliation, can i call my school a CBSE school while promoting it.... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

I am planning to start an English medium school in village where I want educate rural people with very low fee structure can you help me?... Read More

Institutionalization of Virtual Model of Education May Be on the Cards in Delhi

What was dubbed as the ‘dream project’, a ‘first-of its kind’ Virtual model of education is being planned in Delhi?... Read More

Why is market study or survey is required ?

In most cases, new school start-up enthusiasts jump to construction stage of the new school building without assessing what kind of school will sustain, planning budget, not considering any statutory requirements. The decision to jump stages is purely based on individual perception, a lot of money would have gone into the new school setup and operations - It may take several years to understand if the approach is delivering the desired results or not.

To avoid ambiguity, endless run time issues and to ensure you are making the right investment, we suggest a data driven approach to determine a sustainable school concept. Some questions you need to have valid answers for before you begin or make any investment -

    1. Is there a need for school in proposed location?
    2. What is your target market and how are you positioning your school?
    3. What are the risks involved in the proposed school project?
    4. Under what conditions will be proposed school be successful?
    5. How much does it cost to setup a school and run it?
    6. How long does it take to setup a school?
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Incorporating Education Technology in Schools

In the 21st century, the way of learning and getting educated has radically changed. Education is no more solely dependent on chalk and talk, books and paper assignments.... Read More

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