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NCERT Led Review of NCF 2005 on the Cards

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NCERT Led Review of NCF 2005 on the Cards

The guidelines issued with respect to the curriculum prior to the NCF 2005 include the 1975 guideline which directed the inclusion of General Science as a compulsory subject and recommended activity based integrated science up to class 10th, the 1988 guideline for structuring a learner-centered scie... Read More

Updated NCERT Textbooks Anticipated to be Implemented in 2024–2025

According to Education Ministry officials, new National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks updated in accordance with the new National Education Policy (NEP) are likely to be implemented in schools starting with the 2024–25 academic year. The National Curriculum Framework... Read More

NCF Working to Address ‘Fear of Mathematics’

The new National Curriculum Framework (NCF), which is being drafted according to the new National Education Policy (NEP), is seeking to integrate mathematics education with arts, language or sports, in an attempt to show the creative and aesthetic aspects of the subject.... Read More

NCERT Led Review of NCF 2005 on the Cards

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CBSE: Two levels of English and Sanskrit from 2021-22 session, Improvement exams under NEP 2020 Implementation

The NEP-related changes are being progressively implemented by the agencies, the CBSE has announced several measures that indicate the direction of the change initiated by the NEP.... Read More

Dharmendra Pradhan: New NCERT Textbooks till Grade 5 to be Developed in 22 Indian Languages

A high-level meeting was held in Delhi on new National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and new textbooks based on National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 by the Union Education Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan. It was attended by Sanjay Kumar (Secretary, School Education), senior officials of the National Counc... Read More

NCERTForms a Committee to Develop School Syllabi and Textbooks

The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has set up a high-powered committee- The National Syllabus and Teaching Learning Material Committee (NSTC) to develop school syllabi, textbooksand study materials for classes 3 to 12. M.C Pant, Chancellor of National Institute of Edu... Read More

National Curriculum Framework to be Implemented from Academic Year 2024-25

The school education system is going to change in the country.The Ministry of Education, Government of India will soon launch the National Curriculum Framework for School Education.... Read More

New National Curriculum Framework May Put an End to Heavy school Textbooks

The National Curriculum Framework devised in line with the National Education Policy 2020, may make the school books lighter in a phased manner. The NEP proposes to make the classroom instruction more interactive and less didactic, hence the indication that the schoolbooks and bags will get lighter.... Read More

NEP 2020: Systems to Reform School Education

The NEP has a precursor in the form of the comprehensive National Curricular Framework, as far as school education is concerned. The timeline for the conceptualization, creation and implementation was originally set as 2020-21.... Read More

Glimpses of NEP 2020 and Notable International Education Systems

The new education policy has deservedly been at the center of discussion in educational circles. The NEP 2020 is expected to bring about systemic changes in the way education is structured and it is also going to alter the methodologies and broaden the outcomes of school certificates, degrees, and d... Read More

How to select a curriculum solution or academic program for your school?

New School Curriculums are being introduced and the existing ones are being updated at a rate that the entire scenario of school education has truly become dynamic. To keep pace with the changing time... Read More

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