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Start Own Brand School or Franchise School?

We require complete school setup ... Read More

Strategic Merger of Schools

<p><strong>Strategic merger</strong> of a thriving international school with a prominent brand known for academic excellence. This merger lays path for the beginning of a new growth phase to both the institutes.</p>... Read More

Start Own Brand School or Franchise School?

We run six schools in Assam. We want to franchise our service.... Read More

Start Own Brand School or Franchise School?

hlo sir i m harsh lucknow up plz cll me 8795743825... Read More

Start a School in India

We help start new CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE schools. We plan school concept, design school master plan, building and interiors, establish curriculum, affiliation, recruit teachers, procure school supplies, school branding, market school for school admissions.... Read More

Trust vs Society vs Section 8 Company,Which suits best to school starters?

We intend to start k12 schools. Should we start it as franchisee of a big brand or start on its own. How can you help us. ... Read More

Start Own Brand School or Franchise School?

Due to this pandemic we have incurred loss. Now we are at a fix and have to start almost from scratch. We need to start again and we need help before we completely shut down. ... Read More

Start Own Brand School or Franchise School?

Wanted to know how to start a school in deatils? with Franchise or without Franchise also. Know abt various benifits & investment plan & how much people required to start with intially?... Read More

What is the typical operational break-even period for a school project?

Depends on the pace at which you are able to establish brand awareness and enroll students. For a moderately financed venture, the operational break even should be within 2 – 5 years from the launch date.

Sometimes operational break-even may not happen as predicted, you still need to support operations and maintain the brand position. It is suggested that you plan the necessary cash flows well in advance.

... Read More

How to Increase School Admissions ?

Suggest quick promotional strategies for school admissions... Read More

IRIS World School

<p><strong>IRIS World School</strong> started in June 2011 with an intent to provide high quality international education. School Serv provided supplies and materials for the initial setup. School Serv identified the key areas for improvement, developed and implemented a transformation plan in 2014. Some areas of improvement are master plan and architecture, interior design, landscaping, playground, education infrastructure, technology adoption, cafeteria, academics, administration and safety systems, organization structure and brand image.</p>... Read More

Establish and open a school of your own

we provide procedural assistance required to open a new school. You need to associate with a professional school consultant to open an own brand school. we have resources and skills to facilitate newly initiated school apart from we assess the school through school audit. we assist the schools in ge... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

I want to open a pre to primary school In Bihar state Jamui district. I have open land more than 10000 sq ft. What are the papers I need and would taking franchise will be beneficial as they are asking huge money.... Read More

Start Own Brand School or Franchise School?

School promoters can opt for two courses of actions to start a new school in India. First, establishing their own school and building own school brand and second, opting for a franchise from an established school brand.... Read More

How to Increase School Admissions ?

Many school promoters are finding it difficult to enroll required number of students. This is in fact, one of the biggest challenge school promoters are experiencing when they launch a new school or trying to sustain an established school. Creating the best infrastructure, putting up hoardings and h... Read More

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